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Kevin Hines: Stories of Hope

Posted Date: 12/01/2021

Kevin Hines:  Stories of Hope

We hope you can join us for a special event Thursday, Dec 2nd at 6:00 in the Greenbrier Junior High/Middle school cafeteria. We will be serving pizza and drinks and have door prizes available for those in attendance. Doors will open at 5:30 and we encourage you to bring your friends and family. 

Greenbrier schools recognize that today’s students face very challenging issues that impact school success and overall wellness. Many issues concerning social, emotional, and mental health are prominent with teenagers today. We hear about struggles of mental wellness, stress, anxiety, depression, and even teen suicide. Yes, this is a heavy topic, but one that deserves attention. We hope to address these challenges by opening conversations and bringing awareness to mental health and spreading the word that “it is ok, not to be ok.” Kevin Hines will be the first of a series of speakers to share his story and allow us a glimpse into the life of someone struggling through the darkness but ultimately finding hope and healing. 

Kevin Hines is a best selling author, global public speaker, and award winning documentary filmmaker. In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival including a sea lion which kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience and how to ask, “Are you ok?”

This Thursday, Kevin Hines will share his story with students and community members.  He shares his personal experience with having a very severe mental disease. He talks about his pain and struggles with mental health and also advocates togetherness and love. He speaks about the importance of NOT hurting others with our words or actions. He talks about how powerful it is to know that somebody cares and to treat people as humans first. He talks about how to seek help. Kevin believes in the power of the human spirit and in the fact that you can find the ability to live mentally well. He believes every day is special with his mantra being: “Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.” Kevin’s goal is to spread his message of how he has used dedication and hard work, following his doctor’s and clinician’s treatment plan to change his life and how he learned to live mentally well. He shares his story of how he personally rose above the statistics and is now living mentally well, as he believes you can too.