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All Region Band Results

Posted Date: 01/14/2019

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Congratulations to the following GHS students for placing in an all region band!  

Caden Malott percussion 1st 11th all state
Karissa Hood clarinet 1st 12th all state
Nathan Dodson trumpet 1st 13th  
Andrea Reeves clarinet 1st 17th  
Aurie Limperis oboe 1st 3rd all state
Alex Trawick flute 1st 4th all state
David Bowen tuba 1st 5th all state
Emma Henry alto saxophone 1st 6th all state
Hannah Smith flute 1st 6th all state
Luke Zellner percussion 1st 7th all state
Leanne Winston flute 1st 11th  
Ashlie Green horn 1st 1st all state
Anna Temple trombone 1st 2nd all state
Emily Temple alto saxophone 1st 3rd all state
Morgan Hailey bass clarinet 1st 4th all state
Gillian Fooshee flute 2nd 10th  
Klowey Noblitt clarinet 2nd 10th  
Caleb Marple clarinet 2nd 12th  
Alexis Hernandez clarinet 2nd 16th  
Catherine Harrodd clarinet 2nd 17th  
Sophia Ware trombone 2nd 1st  
Faith Blackshire clarinet 2nd 23rd  
Ezra Knight alto saxophone 2nd 2nd  
Daelyn Philips bass clarinet 2nd 4th  
Emily Bargar percussion 2nd 4th  
James Bargar trombone 2nd 4th  
Lauren Turnage flute 2nd 5th  
Spencer Smith percussion 2nd 8th  
Abby Pearson clarinet 2nd 18th  
Taryne Duncan clarinet 2nd 25th  
Haley Frakes percussion 2nd 3rd  
Stephanie Stock horn 2nd 5th  
Hunter Hoffman percussion 2nd 9th  
Whitley Raney horn

3rd alternate

Georgia Harrell horn