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DI Donation Drive

Posted Date: 01/11/2019

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Donation Drive for Guys and Dolls

60% of all seniors with Alzheimer’s disease struggle with some form of distress brought on by the disease. One way they are able to cope with anxiety is by holding a baby doll, stuffed animal, or a fidget blanket. We, in partnership with Absolute Care Management Corp., ask for donations of the following:

Clean and neat baby dolls                                                       Stuffed dogs and cats

Receiving blankets                                                                    Pillow shams

Baby clothes                                                                               Zippers

Buttons                                                                                        Ribbon

Ties                                                                                              Craft pom poms

String                                                                                           Snaps

Closures                                                                                      Keys

Sewing Items                                                                              Belts

Big wooden beads                                                                     Button down shirts



Donation boxes will be set up in the school office.
The deadline will be Friday, January 18, 2019.
Please put donations in the bag labeled “Guys and Dolls Donation”.
Our Destination Imagination team, The Elementals, thanks you.




Team members: Austin Duvall, Asher Jackson, Meridian Metheny, Whitley Raney

Team managers: Tasha Raney, Teresa Jackson, Leann Duvall